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Anthony Graves Construction offers a full range of construction services in the planning, design, construction, and post-construction phases. These services include:

Architectural Services

Over the past 35 years, Anthony Graves Construction has developed successful relationships with many of the top architects in Sacramento, California. Whenever a new client requires architectural services, we consider design elements, architectural elements, cost, and completion time to determine which architect to recommend. We work diligently with every client to facilitate the best choice for their home construction project. One of the recent trends we have seen with Sacramento homeowners with older homes is residing with ChampionWindow vinyl siding.

Preliminary Construction Cost Analysis

From the onset of the design phase, Anthony Graves Construction works with both the client and architect to establish accurate cost parameters and design elements to suit the budgetary requirements. This team effort circumvents any potential surprises – especially those caused by last-minute adjustments – which may otherwise be beyond the client’s budget.

Comprehensive Bidding

Anthony Graves Construction’s contract proposal exceeds all others in the industry. Our specialty sub-contractors bid every line item according to the proposed plan, including all details, all methods of construction, all specialty techniques, and all options. These intricate no-nonsense proposals average fifty pages of informative and useful information not available elsewhere.

Multiple bidding of line items is standard practice at Anthony Graves Construction. We utilize several sub-contractors for every trade, and we encourage multiple bidding to produce the most competitive line item bid. Our comprehensive bids allow the client and architect to compare individual prices for each component of the construction process, thereby easily accommodating any changes or substitutions.

Construction Documentation

Anthony Graves Construction provides clients with bi-monthly computer-generated billing statements which compare actual costs with projected costs; the sub-contractors’ invoices are appended as cost documentation. Our system keeps clients regularly informed of the construction’s progress and budget status.


Each construction project is assigned a personal Project Supervisor from beginning to completion. Depending on the project’s specific requirements, the Project Manager may be part-time or full-time, but will always be available to the client by cell phone and pager.

Additionally, Company President Anthony Graves Michael regularly visits the project sites while monitoring all aspects of construction, budgets, and client concerns.

Construction Maintenance

At Anthony Graves Construction, we understand that almost every construction project requires some maintenance upon completion. This includes, but is not limited to, regular painting, water filter change-outs, heating filter replacements, appliance servicing, gutter cleaning, stone sealing, and finish carpentry adjustments. Anthony Graves Construction gladly assumes the role of “House Doctor,” and frequently establishes long-term relationships with the client to provide these services. We utilize the best craftspeople and sub-contractors to perform any additional work — long after the initial job has been completed.